School Programs

Moore Museum provides a valuable resource as a community partner by offering programs for field trips related to The Ontario Curriculum, especially Social Studies (2013), but also for Drama and Science & Technology.  Connections to the curriculum are noted for each program.

Moore Museum programs are especially beneficial in connection to the continuity and change concept of social studies thinking. As students interact with first-person “pioneer” interpreters in historic buildings, surrounded by artefacts, they are able to compare various aspects of their lives to those of early settlers.

Our goal is to give students an up-close, hands-on exploration of the skills, lifestyles and challenges of past generations. The highlight of all our school programming, therefore, is the hands-on component. Students who return years later remember baking using the wood stove, pulling taffy, carding wool, or making a toy.

Moore Museum programs engage your students in experiencing settler life as they “become” pioneer children when they write with quill pens in the one-room school, dip candles at the log cabin, try their hands at making poked rugs, or churn butter and sample it on fresh bread . . . This experiential form of information gathering plays a valuable role in the social studies inquiry process.

Price for any one program is $4.50 per student. Teachers and parents accompanying the group are admitted free.

For the "Life in a One-room School" program offered in your classroom, there is a mileage charge of $0.47 per kilometre, in addition to the $4.50 per student charge.

All programs must be booked in advance.

For smaller groups, the minimum charge is for 10 students.

Moore Museum has ramp access to all buildings and accessible washroom facilities.       

Programs can be adapted to meet the needs of your students and your curriculum topics.  Just give me a call and I would be pleased to assist you in any way possible.

For more information, or to book a program, please call:

Laurie Mason, OCT, Curator