Outdoor Art Creating Awareness of Community Heritage

Friday, March 17, 2017 to Sunday, April 30, 2017

Moore Museum in Mooretown is seeking submissions from Lambton County artists for design and creation of a large outdoor mural to enhance the façade of the Museum’s main building.

Moore Museum’s main building is housed in a re-purposed two-room red brick school, built in 1942 and expanded in 1952.  For the protection of the artifacts from light damage, the large windows of the school have been covered.  While beneficial to the artifacts, this has resulted in an outside appearance that leads many people to believe the Museum is closed. 

The purpose of this project is to create outdoor mural art on the large (28 by 8 foot) “boarded-up” window facing the main road which will attract attention from potential visitors and be an artistic addition to the community.  This will increase public awareness of the creativity of the local artistic community as well as providing a positive first impression for visitors.

Moore Museum gratefully acknowledges the financial support of Lambton's Creative County Fund for this project.  The Creative County Fund invests in new and innovative projects that build cultural capacity, strengthen the creative community, define the County's unique identity and enrich the quality of life of all residents.

Lambton County artists are invited to submit design ideas and bids for the production of this mural.  Designs and bids may be submitted until April 30 to Moore Museum, 94 Moore Line, Mooretown.  Further details are available by calling the Museum at 519-867-2020.